Latest Baby Names in Tamil - 1

Here are the list of latest tamil baby names that starts with the base word Navil (நவில்) .


Navil is a beautiful tamil word that indicates strong orating skills.  The base word for Navil is Navu that comes from Nakku (Tongue).  Here are the beautiful names that can be formed with the base word Navil.  


In another way Navilthal means giving to others, which indicates a person who is generous and help others.  So the names that are formed based on Navil indicates both strongness in speech and generous in mind.


Tamil Girl Baby Names with Navil as the base word:

1) Navilya (நவில்யா)- Person who is strong on her words

2) Navila (நவிலா)- Person who has strong control on her speech

3) Navilmadhi (நவில்மதி) - Person who always talks with great sense and Brilliant thoughts

4) Naviliniya (நவிலினியா) - Person who always talk out sweet words

 Latest tamil names for girl baby


Tamil Boy Baby Names with Navil as the base word:


1) Navilan (நவிலன்) -  Person with strong orating skills

2) Navilinian (நவிலினியன்) - Person who is sweet on words and strong on speech

3) Navil (நவில்) - Person who will be heard always and can convince any one with his speech

 Latest baby tamil names for boys

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