Thoppai Kuraiya - Top 5 methods

Thoppai Kuraiya

You might have seen numerous write ups on reducing Thoppai. In this article we summarize all the best possible methods to reduce thoppai. Though all these methods can yield results you can choose and follow the method that suits you better.

Thoppai Kuraiya exercise

If you are physically fit and got time for continuous exercise then continuing a set pattern of exercise every day would be the best way to reduce your thoppai (Belly fat).

Best exercises that can expedite your abs fat burning are,

Crunches : check this video - How to do Crunches for abs
Side Plank (Specialy for woman) : How to do Side Planks to reduce abs

Just continue these two abs exercises regularly then you will see your abs getting reduced with in a month's time line



Thoppai Kuraiya patti vaithiyam

Our Native remedies are always the best for any kind of problems and it holds good for reudicing the belly too. Our traditional food habits are basically designed to keep the acidic level in control. If we take food with high acidic content then the excess acidic content will get accumulate in our body as fat. This is the predominent reason for the thoppai (belly fat). Below are the list of things that you have to follow to get the belly reduced,

1) Take three sesame candy (Ellu Mittai) every day. Sesame seeds has the highest protein content which will control the fat accumulation
2) Take two Ginger candy (Inji Marappah) every day - High alkaline food intake can reduce the accumulated fat on the belly. Ginger is the most alkaline food available at our georgraphy.
3) Take Nallennai bath once in two weeks - This will take out the excess heat on the body which in turn reduce the acidic fat content

To read detailed reason behind above said thoppai kuraiya patti vaithiyam methods click here - Thoppai Kuraiya Patti Vaithiyam


Thoppai Kuraiya Yoga

If your body is flexible enough and you are interested in practicing Yoga then it has got specific Asanas for abs. Though it needs proper guidance Yoga would be one of the most effective ways to reduce your abs.

Clicke here - Thoppai Kuraiya Yoga to learn 5 simple Yoga practices that can help you reduce your belly. Follow this link to get specific details about the Yoga poses and to make yourself equip to practice Yoga for reducing Abs


Thoppai Kuraiya Food Habits

Following specific food habits can definitely help you to reduce and control your belly fat. In general we should reduce the carbs intake and increase protein intake. Rice and Potatoes are the high carb foods that we intake in India. Though carbs need be controle, Carb intake is necessary for our metabolism so avoiding the carb food completely is not advisable. So reduce your rice intake in night.

Though it sounds simple this can definitely help reducing the belly. Along with this continue the practice of taking honey along with hot water on every day morning.

Click here - Thoppai kuraiya food to read more specific details about food habits that need to be followed.


All above said procedures will definitely yield benefits. According to your interest, time availability and physical nature you can decide which combination would work best for you. You can either do one of these or combination of these. We hope to see you in better shape.

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