Thoppai kuraiya valigal - 3 easy steps

Thoppai Kuraiya Valigal Just read through this 3 simple ways which can help you reduce your thoppai once for all

1) The Ginger Magic: 

As we discussed in detail on the "Thoppai Kuraiya Patti Vaithiyam" blog post. Take either Inji Chaaru (Ginger extract) or Inji Marappah (Ginger Candy) on day today basis. As Ginger is alkaline it will neutralize your blood acidicity. To read in detail about the reason for Ginger intake read this post "Thoppai Kuraiya Patti Vaithiyam"


2) The night food:

Stop having heavy food intake in night. That doesn't mean you have to go to bed hungry. Just reduce it as much as you can. As we do not do any physical activities after our dinner all the food calories will get settled as fat. This would definitely will have a negative impact in controling your thoppai (tummy).


3) The honey and hot water effect:

Take honey with hot water every day morning. This drink has the capacity to clean the stomach and increase metabolism. Along with weight loss Honey and hot water combo have many other benefits. Though this drink is very healthy the challenge lies in buying original honey . Click here to know the easiest ways to find original honey


These are the simple and best steps for weight loss and reduce thoppai (tummy).  Though steps two and three will act as a catalyst in reducing your tummy, Ginger intake will definitely help you to reduce the thoppai.

Thoppai kuraiya valigal - article in Tamil


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