Udal Soodu Thaniya (To control Body heat)

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With increase in usage of Air conditions, change in lifestyle, food habits there is enormous increase in the diseases caused because of aggrevated body temperature (Udal Soodu). This increase in temperature could lead to various body problems like tiredness, continous cold, fever, throat pain, thyroid etc., It is much more important to keep the body temperature in control.

Below are our usual ways to reduce body heat (Udal soodu thaniya Valigal)

1) Taking bath with Nallennai (Seasame oil) once in two weeks
2) Regular intake of butter milk (Moru), Note: Curd will increase the body temp.
3) Regular intake of fruits like Watermelon, Orange, etc.,




Though above methods work to certain extent few of them are less effective and difficult to follow. Also methods like nallennai bath (Seasame oil bath) bring down the temperature fast which leads to different set of issues and side effects.

With all this being said there is a very effective and easy way to manage the body temperature. Bogar who created the Navapashanam (Nine poison) statue of Murugan in Palani also provided a most healthiest recipe Panchamirtham. Panchamirtham made of Malai Vazhai, Pure honey, Original ghee can control your body temperature effectively. This could even handle the fever and bring down the temperature if it is not a viral fever.




One spoon of Panchamirtham on every day morning and evening can do wonders on your health. We can be rest assured of this fact as you can still see villagers around Palani area will still make the panchamirtham during the month of Panguni and distribute it to all the families in their village. This was done as a tradition in order to manage the Summer heat and its effect on the body.

Though we know Panchamirtham can help us to manage the Summer heat and body temperature the issue lies in getting the original Panchamirtham made of malai vazhai, pure honey and original ghee. The panchamirtham that are available in Palani hills and the area around it are not made of Malai Vazhai because of the cost and availability. 
Original panchamirtham made of Malai Vazhai will remain good for more than six months with out refrigirating. Because malai vazhai will not have the water content. But Panchaamirtham made of any other Vaazhai (banana) will last only for 10 - 15 days.

After a long search NativeSpecial found a person who is making the original Panchamirtham which can last for more than six months. Though he makes it in lesser volume it is made with high quality.






If you would like to taste original panchamirtham in order to relish its unique taste and in the mean time keep your body temperature in control visit Mullai Panchamirtham store in Palani or order it online at NativeSpecial.

If you have accessibility to Original Honey, Pure Ghee and Malai Vazhai you can make Panchamirtham at your home.

Though there are n number of eateries in TamilNadu only Panchamirtham is named after Amirtham. This shows the effectiveness of the Panchamirtham.  One spoon of Panchamirtham every day in morning and evening will keep you cool, fresh and active.

NativeSpecial delivers original quality Panchamirtham with in 1 - 2 days at your door steps.


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